We know that it can be an emotional experience to leave your pooch behind while you head out of town. You shouldn’t have to worry about your dog's well being while you’re away.  This is the very idea that Pet Nation Lodge was founded upon – a Boarding Facility that provides you with peace of mind while you're away; providing an engaging, fun, and, safe boarding experience for your dog.  Our staff will ensure that your pup is surrounded by love and attention until you're happily reunited. There are few greater feelings in life then to return to a happy pooch who's missed you.  That's what we strive to accomplish here everyday.

The experience you dog receives while boarding here at Pet Nation Lodge is more than just staying the night. During the day your dog will not be just sitting in a lodge waiting to be brought outside every couple of hours. They'll be mixed in with our daycare dogs and will have a chance to make new acquaintances and become more social. Dog Boarding at Pet Nation Lodge is a great way to not only know your dog is happy and healthy, it's also a place where they can come to learn to be more experienced in interacting with new dogs.
Here at Pet Nation Lodge, if your dog is boarding with us we do our very best to make sure they come away with a friend or two. Through our temperament testing process we'll learn about your dog and will match them with a group that will best suit their energy level and personality. This way we can make sure when your dog is out playing we never have to worry about their safety.
Dog Boarding at Pet Nation Lodge is a great way to get your dog accustom to being around new dogs and new people. This will not only make your dog less anxiety prone but will also make them happier. Being around other dogs and being social is a great way to ease some of the fear that an owner might have when bring their dog into a new environment.

So Why Board at pet nation lodge?

The experienced care you and your pet will receive here at The Lodge is undeniably the best.  We are family owned and operated, not a corporate franchise.  We're driven by passion not profit.  So we may never be as large as our corporate competitors, but that's really okay for us.  Knowing the names of our customers, human and animal, allows us the opportunity to provide the very best in service.  We also really like dogs though too.  They're pretty neat.     

While boarding at Pet Nation Lodge your dog won't be cooped up in a cage all day. Not only do we never put a dog in a cage we also do our very best to keep your dog out of their lodge's. While boarding we will, at the very least, get your dog out of their lodge's at least five times a day. Having them out and about, and burning off some energy is best for all parties involved. We just want to make sure they're getting the exercise they deserve.

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Hesitant about bringing your dog in for Daycare or Boarding out of fear of how well they'll interact with other dogs, or how those other dogs will interact with them?  Well, the solution is to simply, stop by the Lodge, at any time, and we'll evaluate your dog through the use of our Trial Day.  We use these trial day's not only to evaluate how well your dog will assimilate to our environment but it also gives us a chance to see: how social your dog is, what kind of temperament they have, and how they will connect with their fellow fur buddies.  We accomplish this utilizing a controlled environment where the trial dog is introduced to a variety of stimuli individually, and not all at once.  By doing this we can achieve a much more in-depth understanding of your Dog's norms and social behavior allowing us to place them in a group that is the safest and most engaging.  When the trial day is finished we'll provide you with the information that was gathered throughout the day and let you know how your dog did.

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Dogs aren't they only animals that boards with us on a regular basis, we also happily board cats and kittens too.
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