Working long hours and want to go home with a happy, relaxed dog?  Let your best friend burn off some energy and make new friends at Pet Nation Lodge's Daycare Facility!

If your dog is restless, lonely, or just plain bored; quality daycare is a wonderful solution. Pet Nation Lodge is a safe and inviting place for dogs to get that extra affection and stimulation they need. In addition to that, our team is practiced at accommodating a wide spectrum of animal dispositions.  We understand that every dog is unique in their own special way, so we create a specialized environment that will best suit your pet's needs.

Here at Pet Nation Lodge we believe that it isn't healthy for a large numbers of canines to gather together for extended periods of time with no structured rest periods.  Our groups are rarely over 12 dogs.  What makes us so unique is that we match dogs with similar temperaments, age, and sizes.  Then, once placed in a group, we rotate them throughout the day making sure each and every dog gets the most amount of playtime as they can.  

After an ample amount of play time, our daycare guests get their own private suite for rest time.   Not enough rest can be dangerous for canines as it lowers their immune system.  A good rest interspersed with active play results in a perfectly relaxed pet.


  • Daycare provides physical activity, exercise, and stimulation; especially important for young, high energy dogs

  • We help build confidence in dogs that might be timid or fearful

  • Our indoor and outdoor play areas are always monitored to ensure group synergy remains positive

  • Dogs are happier and healthier when they’re actively engaged and exercised

  • Daycare can help curb many behavioral problems such as chewing, digging and jumping

  • Dogs are allowed to range free while in their group

  • Daycare gives your dog a positive experience with new people, sights, sounds and other dogs

  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a safe, fun place!

Pet Nation Lodge's Dog Trial Day's are a great way to see our facility and have your dog get acquainted with our staff
Whether you're interested in Pet Nation Lodge Boarding or Daycare the easiest way to help you decide is bring your dog in for a Free Trial Day.


Hesitant about bringing your dog in for Daycare or Boarding out of fear of how well they'll interact with other dogs or how those other dogs will interact with them.  Well, the solution is to simply, stop by the Lodge, at any time, and we'll evaluate your dog through the use of our Trial Day.  We use these trial days not only to evaluate how well your dog will assimilate to our environment but it also gives us a chance to see: how social your dog is, what kind of temperament they have, and how they will connect with their fellow fur buddies.  We accomplish this utilizing a controlled environment where the trial dog is introduced to a variety of stimuli individually, and not all at once.  By doing this we can achieve a much more in-depth understanding of your dog's norms and social behavior allowing us to place them in a group that is the safest and most engaging.  When the trial day is finished we'll provide you with the information that was gathered throughout the day and let you know how your dog did.

Pet Nation Lodge’s Dog Daycare is a great place for your pets to enjoy themselves and burn off energy.
At Pet Nation Lodge we have all types of dogs. With many different energy levels and temperaments. To make sure your dog is placed with the best possible group stopping in for a Trial Day is very beneficial.


A Half Day of daycare is a great way to provide your dog with some much needed exercise while you're away for part of the day. Whether it's just running errands or a needing quick get away a half day of daycare is a great idea.
At Pet Nation Lodge we try to let your dog run free and play so that they aren't so energetic when you're home after a long day. It's also beneficial for your dog as well. Socialization with other dogs can help curb some behavioral issues.
Here at Pet Nation Lodge we want your dog to have as much playtime and fun as possible, so that when you come to pick them up they're happy to see you.
When you're dog is here for Daycare they'll be able to play with other dogs of a similar energy level. Which will allow your dog to happily run and play.
A Full Day of Doggy Daycare is great for getting your dog some exercise while you're at work. A long day is made much easier when your dog isn't full of energy when you get home. At Pet Nation Lodge our goal is to get your dog as much play time as we can so they come back to you happy and tired.

Save Money by Purchasing a DAYCARE Package

Join the fun with our all new UNLIMITED MONTHLY Doggy Daycare Membership

How it works:

-          Membership covers UNLIMITED use of the Doggy Daycare program at PET NATION LODGE.

-          The membership covers both Full Day Daycare (5+ hours) or Half Day Daycare (up to 5 hours).


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