Dog Boarding, Grooming, and Daycare Facility Servicing the Greater Cincinnati Area for over 10 years.

Dogs fill more than just a space in our lives, they fill a part of ourselves that ultimately makes us whole.  Our dogs provide us with a sense of purpose that is not easily found elsewhere in our daily lives. They provide us with unconditional love, genuine trust, a sense of belonging, and an unfaltering hope.

Your pets are part of your family. At Pet Nation Lodge, we know that, and while they're here they become a part of ours, even well after they've left - so whether they come for just a single day of Daycare, or spend an entire vacation Boarding with us, it makes no difference. We are their companions, their safe keepers, their ball throwers, but most importantly we're their home away from home.


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Daycare gives your dog an opportunity to play and interact with other dogs in a well supervised indoor and outdoor environment. Our staff absolutely love dogs and love caring for them. They have firm knowledge about canine behavior and want all dogs to have as much fun as possible without compromising on safety, or the health and well being of each and every dog.


Whether it's one night, one week, or even a month, your pet will enjoy our boarding facility! Our focus is keeping your dog safe, healthy, and happy. We have very spacious lodges for each and every type of pooch.  During the day each dog is treated as one of our Daycare Dogs.  Allowing them to play, run, and interact with various other dogs of a similar temperament and size. 


Grooming your dog is an important part of a dog's overall health. Nails that are too long can shift a dog's posture and create structural problems down the line and teeth that have never seen a brush can be lost. Not to mentioned that a matted, unruly coat can cause many health issues.   So make sure your pooch is feeling happy and healthy with a nice new do from our talented groomers!

The feeling we get when we look into our customers eyes and see their expression when they profoundly understand that we care about their dogs just as they do – when you witness something like that – it's a feeling that words can't possibly describe. It’s overwhelming, and heartwarming. It's the combination of immense trust and reliable service that makes us so proud of what we do here.  That's what drives us to continuously improve, to make sure you're next visit is better than your last one.  We here at the Lodge take immense pride in the fact that we take our time getting to know each and every dog that comes in to spend time with us.  Knowing and understanding each dog's unique needs is the necessary foundation needed to provide that special bond that separates us from so many.


Pet Nation Lodge in Loveland Ohio is a great place for your dog to board, come in for daycare, and get a nice grooming.
Here at Pet Nation Lodge we want you to feel comfortable in knowing that your pet is well taken care of. For over 10 years now Pet Nation Lodge continues to separate itself from other facility by understanding this simple fact: if the dogs or cats are happy you don't need much else.