Here at Pet Nation Lodge we don't believe in using stock photography to illustrate our care and commitment to our customers and their pets.  It seems, to me at least, an enormous waste of time and effort for any company to search through pictures on the internet, looking for that "perfect" photo that will emphasize the dedication their company will provide to every customer; even when it's a picture of a dog that has never, and will never, spend any time there.  For this reason, we, as a company, decided to go in a different direction.  Every single picture on this entire website is that of a dog who is either currently a regular customer, or has been a regular customer at Pet Nation Lodge in the past.  We don't pretend that our pictures are of the best quality, or that they are even on the same level as some stock photos.  That being said however, we are very proud in the knowledge that the dogs in our photos aren't simply downloads off the internet, but real dogs that have spent time with us, and continue to spend time with us.  We do this so that we can get to know each dog better, we do it so we can become better connected with our customers, but mostly we do it because we enjoy spending time with every dog who steps through our doors.  We want to show everyone, customer or not, that Pet Nation Lodge cares so much more about showing the love we have for each dog than making sure every photo fits perfectly with the structure and layout of a website.  So feel free to browse around and become better acquainted with just a few of our friends.  Each photo below, when clicked, will bring you to that specific dog's page where there are even more photographs.  Don't worry though there are only about 450+ photos on this site.  I'm sure you can get through all of them!

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We'll be Continuously Updating and Adding Photos for as long as I have a camera and down time